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Movies Without Mercy

Tastes just like chicken. Or, yer ma.

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Welcome to Movies Without Mercy. Tremble before us.

FAQ (All your stupid questions, cheap as free!)

1. What the hell is Movies Without Mercy?

MWOM is a place in which movies are snarkily recapped. Detailed play-by-plays of movies are painstakingly typed up by recappers, and then posted here for your viewing pleasure.

2. Who can read the recaps?


3. Who can WRITE the recaps?

Well, feel free to write anything you want but unless you’re an official MWOM recapper, you can’t post it here.

4. Aren’t you guys ripping off Television Without Pity?

Yes we are. But we’re admitting it. In fact, TWOP is what gave us the idea to do this in the first place.

5. But why?

Because we felt like it. And because TWOP doesn’t do very many movies, and rather than pestering Wing Chun and Sars, we decided to do it ourselves.

6. Why are you guys so mean to my favorite movie?

Because we didn’t like it. Or we were being sarcastic. But probably, we thought it was rank.

7. You suck.

That’s not a question.

8. Can I become a recapper?


9. How?

Well, obviously if you’re asked by one of the moderators to do it, than you’re welcome to. Other than that, if you’d really, really like to do it, go ahead and contact one of us with a recap and we’ll read it over and get back to you. We make no promises.

10. Do you guys pay your recappers like TWOP?

Nope. This is volunteer work. We snark because we like to, not because we’re on the clock.

11. Why was my membership rejected when I tried to join the community?

Because the only members of this community are the moderators, the people who post the recaps. If you want to read the recaps, you may add the community to your friends list.

12. Hey, TWOP did a recap of this movie...are you guys gonna do one too?

No. It's possible that they'll decide to do a movie that we've already done, but we will not do a movie that TWOP has done.

13. Why not?

Because TWOP came first, that's why. And because it's an awesome project, and the people who work on it work hard.

14. Who are the recappers?

shoorihoshi is a slightly neurotic college student who lives in a little town with no good comic book stores. She likes manga, Joss Whedon, superheroes, and cats.

bald_stoic (the artist sometimes known as logicalbastard) is a wicked schway almost-vulcan!Lite who drinks Earl Grey, reads a little too much Shakespeare, and is able to leap tall, heterosexual buildings in a single slashy bound. She likes leather trenchcoats, and slash.

notuslethe wishes that she was a fictional gay man so that she could sleep with Brian Kinney. She enjoys reading, writing, singing, acting, and partaking in the snark. She and shoorihoshi have had many a non-argument about Buffy.

thainoodles is teh shiznit. She has a crappy job which she will soon be escaping, and a passion for Chris O'Donnell's ass. She's also teh shit. If there's gayness, she'll help us find it.

donnadevane should not be trusted. She is an enigma. She will destroy us all.

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